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Our Mission

Traveling Apostles is a nonprofit organization with the goal of building faith-based primary schools for the tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugee children living in abject poverty within the developing third world country of Cambodia. The ultimate goal is to set these church/schools up, equip them, and then install an indigenous Vietnamese Pastor/Teacher. Our aim is for each of these church/school to be completely self-sustaining after five years.

We believe that a faith-based primary education is the single most important tool that these Vietnamese refugee children can have in the fight against poverty, disease, and them being sold into the slave trade, and is the absolute essential first step towards unlocking the promise of self empowerment and a higher quality of life through education and the Word of Jesus Christ, not only for the children but for the families as well.

There are over two million Vietnamese refugees still trapped in Cambodia. Ninety-nine percent of these refugees can not read or write in any language, or have ever heard the name of Jesus Christ. Ninety-five percent of the girl children that are born into these families are sold into the sexual slave trade by the time they are eleven or twelve years old.

These people were South Vietnamese citizens that were our allies during the Vietnam War, and they had to run for their lives in the middle of the night with only what they had on their back and what they could carry when we (the U.S.) pulled our troops out of Vietnam in 1973.

After we pulled our troops out, The North Vietnamese Government took over the entire country and would not let these people come back to their homes in South Vietnam to punish them for being our allies.

These refugees are not considered citizens of either Cambodia or Vietnam, nor can they vote, or own land, or any permanent structure.

The Christian Missionary Alliance did a documentary on them in 2010 and called them Overlooked, and Overwhelmed. I have been there every year since the documentary was made and nothing has changed for these poor, impoverished, and searching people.

These children and their families desperately need our help, won’t you please make a donation, and give from the heart to help these poor refugee children, and in turn help their families.

All contributions and donations to Traveling Apostles for Christ are tax exempt. Make your checks payable to:

Traveling Apostles for Christ
1392 River Road
McClellanville, S.C. 29458-9543


Traveling Apostles for Christ
1392 River Road
McClellanville, S.C. 29458-9543
United States of America

ph: 843-887-3021       |        cell: 843-327-8699

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