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Pastor Alex’s Orphanage

This is Pastor Alex Rewai’s orphanage Thanksgiving Day 2022, in the Kasi District of Northern Vientiane Province in Laos.

Traveling Apostles for Christ had just agreed to adopt this orphanage. We committed to provide food, clothing, and the basic essential for all of these poor, homeless children.

Unlike in America where the church takes care of the pastor, in Laos these people are so poor that the pastor must take care of the flock.

Pastor Alex works 2 jobs and farms, in order to maintain his church and this orphanage.

I feel that we, as blessed American Christians, should do as the Bible commands us to do; and that is, to share our bounty with these extremely poor people.

These poor people desperately need our help, and if God lays it on your heart to help, you may donate through our website:


If you have any question about our ministry you may email or call

Email to: [email protected]
call or text (no voicemail please)

+1 (843) 327-0699

Traveling Apostles for Christ is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity, formed in 2012, (your donations are tax exempt), that has all Christian volunteer Board of Directors and there are no salaried employees. All donations go directly to the ministry.

Thanks for your time and interest.