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Overlooked and Overwhelmed

In 2010, Beth and Rick Drummond, two missionaries with 46 years in the mission field in South East Asia with Christian Missionary Alliance, created a documentary titled, Overlooked and Overwhelmed. In late 2012 just before they retired they asked me to take up this ministry in Cambodia.

In their travels, they found that there are over 2 million Vietnamese refugees still trapped in Cambodia. To this day the Vietnamese government will not let them back into Vietnam as punishment for being our allies during a war that ended 44 years ago.

99% plus of these refugees can not read or write in any language or have ever heard the name of Jesus Christ. In addition, 95% of the girls born into these families are sold into the sex slave trade by the age of 11 or 12 years old.

Our trip to Cambodia in October 2019 included an excursion into Laos by an invitation from a Christian missionary group from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We wanted to take a look at the situation there. It was hard for me to imagine anything worse than what I had been working with and against in Cambodia, but I was awakened to the fact that there are just as many Vietnamese Refugees in Laos as there are in Cambodia. Incredibly, their situation is even worse because the Christian Religion is against the law in Laos.

We found that there was only one Evangelical Christian Pastor for the Vietnamese refugees in the entire country of Laos and as per his count, only 80 Christian converts.

They desperately need our help! in Laos and Traveling Apostles for Christ has committed to help this lone Pastor take the Word of Jesus Christ to these truly lost and searching people.